October 25

The Bike Path

Crunch. Crunch. “Snap”. As the leaves crumble, and the sticks “snap!” We’re walking thru the bike path with high trees, and crunching leaves. “It’s beautiful outside with a little chill.” i’m walking to the bench with Patience and since we’re both gymnasts we do a elbow stand. The bike path was so fun!


October 17


This poster was made to help people write quality comments. Patience, Ava, and I Designed it for people to use as a resource. I thought that making a poster about commenting was a great idea because you can express yourself, and decorate you’re poster.

October 12


Hi i’m Lauren,

I chose my avatar because it represents me. The avatar has earings because I have my ears pierced. I love the earings my avatar is wearing because they are so pretty. This also relates to me because soon I am getting my second piercing. This is why my avatar has earings.


My avatar has flowers in the background because I love flowers and my birthday is in may. My Avatar has a puppy because puppies are adorable.